Britam Money Market Fund Digital Campaign

Britam Asset Managers is a leading asset management company with operations in Kenya and Uganda. Britam Asset Managers key focus is to drive a savings and investment culture in the markets in which it operates.  

In efforts to grow its market share, the organisation was on the lookout for an agency that would run a digital campaign, with a focus on education and awareness of the savings products available to them namely unit trust funds. The saving product focus of this campaign being the Money Market Fund. In order to have active participation, Britam’s aim was to run a savings challenge with regular rewards to be issued for those who would not withdraw their investments by certain periods.


Our insight into the brief: Kenyans have a belief in “haba na haba hujaza kibaba” – little by little you will get what you want from your investment or hard work; from this, we developed #MdogoMdogo as our campaign title. We ran an 8-week campaign, with a focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Google Display and third-party websites. The campaign ran on organic and paid media with results as follows: 


- 4.9million impressions

- 1.19million reach

- Over 46,000 clicks 

- Over 1,400 qualifiable leads