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Double The Traffic, Double The Sweetness

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copywriting

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and you probably make up the ‘almost everyone group. For comfort, for a much-needed reward, and as a gift for a loved one – chocolate is a treat for all seasons. Despite it being a treat for all seasons, most consumers are new to the concept of artisanal hand-made chocolate. That is where we came in – to introduce SweetArt, an artisanal chocolate brand to the greater public through social media platforms.

Our task was to conceptualise and develop a marketing strategy that would increase sale and customer traffics to the stocking stores and digital stores i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. 

Our Impact by numbers 


Doubled Online Store traffic


Sales attributed to digital marketing


Audience Reach


Increase in fan following across social pages

What happy Money looks like

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copywriting

Good credit is paramount to getting access to high-quality loans. Building good credit is a process that requires commitment and discipline from the individual. In the age of digital lending in Kenya, few users understand the concept or impact of a credit score on their lending. The Kamoa app helps consumers to improve their credit scores while at the same time presenting affordable loan offers. Our mission was to create brand awareness and drive user acquisition.

We established a digital presence for Kamoa and developed a digital strategy coupled with a  content plan. Our task was to increase product awareness, and educate consumers while pushing for user acquisition to convert leads to consumers. 

Our Impact by numbers 


Reach against as target of 920K


Clicks to the App store


App downloads 


Consideration rate

Where Work Happens.Ke

Influencer campaign

 “Hybrid work represented the biggest change to the way we worked in a generation.” Satya Nadella.


We set out to simplify how to use the Microsoft Teams on social media with our ‘#MicrosoftTeams’ campaign. We designed a blended influencer campaign that utilised a combination of editorial articles and comical skits by select influencers to enhance talk-ability and share-ability amongst our target audience. During the campaign we focused on showcasing the best of the app using feature presentations, demos and user generated content. 


We were tasked with creating awareness about the product (Microsoft Teams) to as many potential users as possible and drive authentic organic conversation about Microsoft Teams, what it can do and the experiences from using it. This was in line with the overall goal of the campaign - Inform. Persuade. Differentiate. Remind (DRIP PR formula).

Our Impact by numbers 


potential reach against 2M


retweets and shares


trending topic in Kenya


attendees in the social hangout on Microsoft Teams


Teams Activations by new users


No. of Team meetings that increase during and after campaign

Youth Agri Challenge Kenya

Lead Generation campaign

With the revival of the 4-K Clubs, there is an opportunity to provide the perfect environment for pupils to engage in activities within the agricultural value chain holistically. Junior Achievement Kenya (J.A.K), sought to host a Youth Agriculture (Agri) Challenge, which aimed to encourage youth who are members of the J.A. Club to develop innovative transformational solutions that will solve everyday problems and help create positive change within the Agricultural Sector. The Challenge also aimed at building an interest in agriculture among the young students to improve their livelihoods. Beyond the competition, the program  ensured that learners have access to knowledge of agriculture. All schools countrywide were invited to own and participate in the roll-out of the 4-K Clubs by tuning in to watch and letting local communities be aware of the event.

Our role was to conceptualise and develop a campaign that was targeted at creating demand generation (sign ups) and traffic to the registration form to the challenge.

Our Impact by numbers 


in potential reach

(against a 420,000 target)


Clicks on signup forms

(against a target of 3,000)


registrations for the competition

i.e., 99% achieved (against a target of 400)

Telling East Africa's story our way

Lead Generation campaign

East Africa Story Telling (EAST) Festival #EASTFest21 is a four-day hybrid conference to reinvent storytelling and journalism in East Africa. It will bring together the brightest minds on media innovation and media viability from the three East African countries: Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. 

Deutsche Welle Akademie approached us to conceptualise and develop a campaign that was targeted at creating demand generation (sign ups) and traffic to East Festival’s website as a build up to the festival

Our Impact by numbers 


in potential reach

(against a 1M target)


attendees (against a target of 1,000) 


profile visits on Twitter

during the campaign period


Economic value achieved on Twitter against a $3,000 budget