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Rent yako, Keja yako! 

Lead generation & influencer campaign

Housing is a fundamental right, affordable housing is the most crucial challenge in the modern world. Kenya is not any different with an increasing demand for housing by a growing population. KMRC's key mandate is to provide long-term funds to primary mortgage lenders (Banks, Microfinance Banks & Saccos) in order to increase the availability and affordability of home loans to Kenyans.  By increasing the supply of affordable housing finance, KMRC is
a key lever in the push to increase homeownership in Kenya.

KMRC approached us to develop a lead generation campaign that would result in increased awareness around KMRC-financed home loans; increase awareness of KMRC, as a brand and household name in housing finance; improve financial literacy around home loans aka mortgages and create a lead list of 1,000 people (name, telephone and email)

Our Impact by numbers 


Economic value

No. 1

Twitter trend


potential impressions


YouTube video views


potential reach


Twitter space replays


leads generated in 3 weeks


influencers & contributors

Community journalism in 2022

Content creation and Social media management

 The role of vibrant, viable and dynamic media in helping communities address local challenges as they globalize the local and localize the global best practices cannot be gainsaid. The EAST Festival 2022 therefore aimed to ask how journalism in East Africa can sustain productive public conversations, nurture responsible civic responsibilities and, most importantly, help the citizenry address challenges they face and seize the opportunities they have. We were tasked with planning and managing the hybrid conference spanning 5 days, covering Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Broadcasting from Ugands, we put together a professional ‘show ’ to tell media stories from East Africa and to connect the media stakeholders in the region through storytelling and innovation. 

Our Impact by numbers 


tweets sent over event days


potential impressions


potential reach


economic value of coverage

Real Estate, the Kenyan way

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copywriting

Fusion Estates is the latest real estate company to unveil an investment land property in Kenya. As a subsidiary of Fusion Capital a Kenyan private equity firm, and real estate developer. Fusion Capital has established its credentials and experience for over 16 years as a solid property developer, with an expansive and well-capitalized asset portfolio of up to $200 million which comprises various assets spread across Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. In late 2022, Fusion Estates launch its latest project - Alpha Meadows and needed a partner to handle it's lead generation, content creation and digital plan. 

Our task was to conceptualise and develop a 3 months digital marketing strategy that would increase sales, website development, and customer traffic to the website & other digital platforms i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. 

Our Impact by numbers 


Impressions over campaign period


Reach over campaign period


Clicks over campaign period


Page visits on social media

Double The Traffic, Double The Sweetness

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copywriting

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and you probably make up the ‘almost everyone group. For comfort, for a much-needed reward, and as a gift for a loved one – chocolate is a treat for all seasons. Despite it being a treat for all seasons, most consumers are new to the concept of artisanal hand-made chocolate. That is where we came in – to introduce SweetArt, an artisanal chocolate brand to the greater public through social media platforms.

Our task was to conceptualise and develop a marketing strategy that would increase sale and customer traffics to the stocking stores and digital stores i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. 

Our Impact by numbers 


Doubled Online Store traffic


Sales attributed to digital marketing


Audience Reach


Increase in fan following across social pages

What happy Money looks like

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copywriting

Good credit is paramount to getting access to high-quality loans. Building good credit is a process that requires commitment and discipline from the individual. In the age of digital lending in Kenya, few users understand the concept or impact of a credit score on their lending. The Kamoa app helps consumers to improve their credit scores while at the same time presenting affordable loan offers. Our mission was to create brand awareness and drive user acquisition.

We established a digital presence for Kamoa and developed a digital strategy coupled with a  content plan. Our task was to increase product awareness, and educate consumers while pushing for user acquisition to convert leads to consumers. 

Our Impact by numbers 


Reach against as target of 920K


Clicks to the App store


App downloads 


Consideration rate