Influencer driven campaign

#FutureNiDigital is a flagship project by Microsoft, the State Department of Trade and Stanbic Foundation. It’s a platform that gives the masses interested in learning technical skills, digital skills, soft skills and entrepreneurial skills the opportunity to learn and grow their businesses with these essential skills, free of charge. The platform has a catalogue of over 40 free courses in the said areas for any person interested to leverage on improve their skills and knowledge.  


Microsoft approached us to conceptualise and develop a campaign that was targeted to get as many people registered on the platform upon launch. Over a 21-day period and at the end of the campaign, we managed to achieve the following results: 

- 5.7million in potential reach (against a 3M target)

- 91.71% positive sentiment score (against a 90% target) 

- 456 influencers talked about the platform (against a target of 300 influencers) 

- 255.54% increase in sign ups on the platform; from 628 to 2,256 


Lead Generation campaign

The African Development Bank, together with partners – The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Facebook – launched the Coding for Employment Program. By training youth in demand-driven Information and Communications Technology (ICT) curriculum and matching graduates directly with ICT employers, this new Program prepares Africa’s youth for tomorrow’s jobs and unleashes the next generation of young digital innovators from the continent.


Microsoft approached us to conceptualise and develop a campaign that was to run in 6 countries; Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia. Algeria, Morocco & Pakistan across 2 continents over a 4-week period. 

At the end of the campaign we managed to achieve the following results: 

- 34.7million impressions

- 429,000 clicks that led to the digital platform

- 57,536 people completed courses on the online platform during the campaign period

- 3,504 people signed up on the platform

Association of Kenya Insurers

Web Design and Development

The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) was established in 1987 as an independent non-profit making consultative and advisory body for insurance industry. The Association currently has 52 members and is responsible for promoting cooperation among its members, protecting and prompting the members’ common interests, market research, and capacity building. AKI is also mandated to raise awareness about insurance among various stakeholders.


On the role of raising awareness, AKI undertakes this through various channels including; Events, Publications, media relations and media campaigns- this includes above the line, below the line and digital channels.

AKI engaged us to redesign their website in an effort to revamp the brand look as well as have it resonate with the new trend of websites. One of the challenges was to layout all the information that the association wanted to publish on its website without complicating the user experience. We were required facilitate the dissemination of information in an easy to understand and use way to all users across all devices. 

Britam Money Market Fund

Lead Generation campaign

Britam Asset Managers is a leading asset management company with operations in Kenya and Uganda. Britam Asset Managers key focus is to drive a savings and investment culture in the markets in which it operates.  

In efforts to grow its market share, the organisation was on the lookout for an agency that would run a digital campaign, with a focus on education and awareness of the savings products available to them namely unit trust funds. The saving product focus of this campaign being the Money Market Fund. In order to have active participation, Britam’s aim was to run a savings challenge with regular rewards to be issued for those who would not withdraw their investments by certain periods.


Our insight into the brief: Kenyans have a belief in “haba na haba hujaza kibaba” – little by little you will get what you want from your investment or hard work; from this, we developed #MdogoMdogo as our campaign title. We ran an 8-week campaign, with a focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Google Display and third-party websites. The campaign ran on organic and paid media with results as follows: 


- 4.9million impressions

- 1.19million reach

- Over 46,000 clicks 

- Over 1,400 qualifiable leads 

Qwetu Student Residences

Web Design and Development

Qwetu is the preferred student accommodation in Nairobi offering a safe, clean, and fully furnished living environment that college and university students would love to live in.


Qwetu Student residences opened its doors in August 2017 with the two flagship properties in operation. In April 2019, the Parklands residence opened with 578 beds and had 10% occupancy at the beginning of the project. The brief was to increase the occupancy to 140% i.e., fill 700 beds across all properties, create demand and create awareness to parents. We used digital content and sponsored campaigns to increase traffic and generate quality leads to Qwetu’s booking site using only social media platforms i.e., increase room occupancy, increase lead generation, and provide a brand experience.


Over the next 16 months, we developed a digital marketing strategy that incorporated marketing strategy, content creation, community management & engagement, creative design, and Event Management. The results as at March 2020 included: 

- Over 10.49million impressions

- Over 110,00 clicks with a 24.73% increase in acquisition from social media and 1,170% in goal conversions

- 57.14% increased in room occupancy

- Over 2,000 people on a waiting list for the next  available rooms