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NCBA Takes the Wheel at the Kenya Motor Show

Digital Strategy, Content Creation and Lead Generation

Imagine this: The roar of engines, the gleam of polished chrome, the thrill of the open road. It's the Kenya Motor Show, and NCBA, the undisputed champion of asset finance, was in the driver's seat as the title sponsor!

We're thrilled to have collaborated with NCBA to create a multi-channel digital campaign that will turbocharge brand awareness and engagement during the Motorshow event. Forget dusty brochures and static displays - we're talking immersive experiences, strategic social media buzz, and influencer content that will leave your target audience revved up and ready to hit the gas.

From interactive quizzes to sizzling car spotlights, we created a diverse mix of digital content that grabbed attention and kept your audience engaged. We partnered with key influencers in the automotive and lifestyle space, amplifying our message and reaching wider audiences. Ultimately, our goal was to turn the NCBA Motor Show into a must-not-miss social event for the weekend it was being hosted. 

Our Impact by numbers 


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Qeja Fiti, Bei Fiti! 

Digital Strategy, Content Creation and Lead Generation

Craving an epic student experience that won't leave you breaking your bank? With shared living experiences that are bound to be memorable for years to come, Qejani is the community you have been searching for. There are three amazing shared-room types for you, shared rooms that rock: Forget bunk beds and questionable stains. Choose your adventure from our superior double rooms (think private balconies and ensuite bathrooms!), classic double rooms, or epic quadruple rooms (perfect for pre-game bonding sessions).  Not to forget the affordable digs, and legendary memories: Qejani offers wallet-friendly prices that won't leave you ramen-broke. Translation: more money for epic adventures with your newfound Qejani fam!

Acorn approached us to develop a lead generation campaign that would result in booking for the newly opened Qejani Karen Campus; and increase awareness of the Qejani brand as the coolest squad living space and the newest kid on the block in the student-built living space. Qeja fiti, Bei Fiti! 

Our Impact by numbers 


revenues from bookings


page shares on social media


potential impressions


page engagement


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web visits


page views on social media


followers over campaign period

CarDuka, Kenya's online car store 

Digital Strategy, Content Creation and Lead Generation

CarDuka is a one-stop platform for buying and selling used cars in Kenya. It's a trusted marketplace that empowers users with free car valuations, easy-to-use search filters, and secure payment options. Carduka goes beyond just transactions, offering helpful resources like car buying guides, maintenance tips, and market insights.expand_more It's your go-to source for all things related to used cars in Kenya.

Over the last 6 months, we have worked with Carduka to reinforce its positioning as Kenya's leading car ecosystem whilst increasing its brand visibility and awareness in the market among the targeted audience groups.

Our Impact by numbers 


potential impressions


new users on the website


potential reach


in engagement


event counts on website


web clicks from social media

Rent yako, Keja yako! 

Lead generation & influencer campaign

Housing is a fundamental right, affordable housing is the most crucial challenge in the modern world. Kenya is not any different with an increasing demand for housing by a growing population. KMRC's key mandate is to provide long-term funds to primary mortgage lenders (Banks, Microfinance Banks & Saccos) to increase the availability and affordability of home loans to Kenyans.  By increasing the supply of affordable housing finance, KMRC is
a key lever in the push to increase homeownership in Kenya.

KMRC approached us to develop a lead generation campaign that would result in increased awareness around KMRC-financed home loans; increase awareness of KMRC, as a brand and household name in housing finance; improve financial literacy around home loans aka mortgages and create a lead list of 1,000 people (name, telephone and email)

Our Impact by numbers 


Economic value

No. 1

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leads generated in 3 weeks


influencers & contributors

Community journalism in 2022

Content creation and Social media management

 The role of vibrant, viable and dynamic media in helping communities address local challenges as they globalize the local and localize the global best practices cannot be gainsaid. The EAST Festival 2022 therefore aimed to ask how journalism in East Africa can sustain productive public conversations, nurture responsible civic responsibilities and, most importantly, help the citizenry address challenges they face and seize the opportunities they have. We were tasked with planning and managing the hybrid conference spanning 5 days, covering Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Broadcasting from Ugands, we put together a professional ‘show ’ to tell media stories from East Africa and to connect the media stakeholders in the region through storytelling and innovation. 

Our Impact by numbers 


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