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ADC goes wild!

Event Identity Development + Event Management
How do you bring together a team that was assembled during the onset of the covid-19 pandemic? What creative language would bring together a team that has never met? These were the questions that were posed to us as a team by the planning team at ADC. 80% of the team members (360 people) had never met in person, all their interaction has been virtually over the last 24 months.   

Given that this was an out-of-the-city event, we develop a theme that would resonate with the location, excite the team to show up and most important of all be memorable to them - "ADC in the wild".  
We developed an interactive and engaging program over the course of 3 days that entailed a strategy meeting, team-building exercises and a gala dinner that recognized the very best employees for FY21/22. To cap it all, the team held a successful event over the 3 days that culminated in the first-ever gala dinner and employee awards. 

From Africa to the World!

Event Management
The Africa Development Center celebrates the heritage and future of Africa. It highlights the ingenuity of the African spirit dedicated towards the realisation of Microsoft’s goals - in the role Microsoft plays in people’s lives today, and in the increasing breadth of unexpected and innovative products that we are delivering. The team at ADC believes in what people make possible. The Africa Development Center stands in awe of what people dare to achieve, and it aims to help them in all aspects of their lives. Everything they do is grounded in this belief - The African Spirit.

It’s why every engineer comes to work, why they innovate and why they create technology that empowers people to thrive, in ordinary and extraordinary ways, every single day. The facility was officially launched by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was accompanied by Joe Mucheru, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs among other key guests.

Our role 
was to handle the end-to-end event management, conceptualization and execution of the launch event at the Dunhill office location. This involved:
  • liaising with the ministry and presidential team,

  • development of the event program

  • creative design of the entire event identity and designing all branding collateral

  • selection of emcee & entertainment

  • design of all the exhibition area

  • enhancement of guest experience - decor, menu & beverage selection, an office tour and art exhibition.

Dawa Life Sciences

Event Management
A significant number of people in Kenya and the region lack access to #DiabetesCare including availability and affordability of quality oral medicines. On 13th November 2021, Dawa Life Sciences turned a new chapter in their vision of become a reference for pharmaceuticals in Africa. This was marked by the launch of their new line of Diabetes medication that 100% locally produced and in line with their theme of #TogetherTransformingDiabetesCare.
How we are Transforming Diabetes Care:

- Accessibility of medicines
- Affordability
- Quality medicines

The launch was a success filled with excitement and networking with healthcare professionals. The hybrid event had over 500 attendees, with 300 people in person. The team at Dawa 
engaged us to help them plan and manage the technical requirements and virtual production at the event.

Acorn Holdings

Event Management
Acorn Holding Limited is one of the largest and most successful developers in Kenya. AHL has delivered over 50 projects, valued in excess of US$550 million. These include some of the most iconic projects in the region over the last decade such as the Coca-Cola Regional Head Office, Deloitte Regional Head Office, Equity Centre, UAP Tower, Nakawa Business Park, Tiara Office Park, and Acorn House.
Acorn engaged us to assist in the event preparation, planning and event management of its various corporate events including the Student Housing Program deal signing Event, the launch of Acorn's twin REITs to the public and the staff launch Just to mention a few. Some of the services we offered include liaison with the planning teams in Washington and Kenya, décor and ambience, liaison with the host hotel on planning logistics, sourcing of the Master of Ceremony (MC), registration & guest relations management, conceptualisation and provision of all audio visual, lighting and stage details, creative design and content creation of the collaterals and videos that run during the events. 

Oracle MCD & MCX

Event Identity Development + Event Management

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation with its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. The team in Kenya hosts an annual Cloud Day and Customer Experience event to engage with clients and showcase the latest technology products and services they have to offer. These sessions are tailor-made for clients enabling them to discover how to engage customers in new ways by maximising connected data, using advanced personalisation to build one-to-one marketing experiences and networking opportunities with other ICT professionals.

The Oracle team in Kenya engaged us to help them plan and manage the 2019 MCD & MCX event; we developed the Event Identity, Event conceptualisation of all the event's activities to have the delegates engaged at all times while meeting client's objectives, designed all the cool branding around the event grounds, provided logistical Support and on-ground management of the day’s agenda.